LIBERTY ROAD golf center
Open Air Baseball / Softball Batting
Our state of the art system allows the batter to practice baseball and softball batting in our open air outdoor system. 

See your ball fly in our "No Net" Open Range !
Select Baseball or Softball before you enter the cage.  
You also may select the speed that is right for you.  

Adjustment buttons also allow the batter to 
move the pitches up and down to suit your needs!

                  Speed Options

       40mph /  50mph / 60mph  / 70mph

      Slow Pitch / 40mph /50mph /60mph 
 1 Token = 16 Pitches 

1 Token - $2.00
6 Tokens - $10.50

Dozen Pass - 12 Tokens - $19.00

Super Pass - 25 Tokens - $35.00 !!

Pitches cycle to batter on six second intervals.

Helments are required and provided free.  Baseball and Softball Bats are also provided at no charge.
10810 Liberty Road, Rt. 26
Frederick, MD  21701

Mark J. Diley, PGA
Baseball /Softball Batting Rates